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Thursday, October 28, 2010


RATING 2.5 out of 5

This cover is awesome. Look at the background detail. Fantastic. Then you open it up. BLAH Blah blah blah... They talk and talk and talk.

There's not even a good panel to pull. Maybe if David Finch had done the interiors, but all they did was talk. They walked around in the glade talking. Then she zapped them to a place where they could sit down

The best part of the issue was shown in the previews where she touched his nose ...WITHOUT TALKING.

I'm leaving this title for awhile. What was a great idea for a story in the beginning of the arc isn't really being worked on.

Major Spoiler of ending:

How does Luther get out of... Death? Was it creative? Did he escape Death?
Well...He wakes up. Yelp. The ol' dream sequence skit was pulled.

Written: PAUL CORNELL, Art: PETE WOODS, Colorist: Brad Anderson
Letterer: Rob Leigh, Cover: David Finch, Batt and Peter Steigerwald(wonderful job guys)
Asst. Editor: Wil Moss, Editor: Matt Idelson
Publisher: DC Comics
Dec 2010


  1. I gotta disagree here, Allyson. I mean, not that they talked a lot, I get that, but... all Death DOES is talk. That's the point of her character; it's to get whoever she's talking to to evaluate their feelings of life and death. And I think on that note, Luthor shone brilliantly.

    Also, I thought the ending was very predictable. There was only one way it could really go, but it wasn't a dream, I think. Or if it was, it was one of those real dreams where Death actually did show up in Lex's dream.

    Having said that, none of this is enough to get me to regularly collect this title.

  2. Thanks for your comment Duy, I love you incites on stuff.

    It just seemed a lot of DC build up for nothing.

    Sure...she talks, but... I just think it could have been more creative. Maybe more showing of his life etc.. I do think a different type of art could have been better and more of a help to the story.

    I also think the dream(or nada dream) ending didn't have to be the only way out. He is dealing with the Black Ring energy, he could have used some consequence of that energy being disturbed...or the fact that the energy was changing.. etc.. Maybe that is where Cornell is going, but then again I don't see him expanding on it either...I think her cameo is done and that's that.

    I guess it just wasn't my type of thing.

  3. Thanks, Allyson. Yeah, I didn't really think DC was doing this as anything other than to get the extra attention, like "Oh, we have a justification to use Death. Let's use her, that'll bring sales up." I also don't think she's showing up again, and like I said, nothing in the issue makes me want to buy the succeeding ones. Or even the preceding ones. And yeah, for ACTION COMICS, there's not any action.

    I'm not really a fan of Pete Woods. I do think this kind of story (talking) is the best use for him though, because I think he's even worse when he tries to do action. I once showed a friend that sequence in WORLD OF NEW KRYPTON where Superman fights a Kryptonian guard and he uses his fingers to hit the guy's nerve points, and my friend said "Uhh, is Superman fingering that man?"

  4. I admit I'm just beyond excited because of what this means about editorial policy. I want to get back to the days of Swamp Thing #53 - where swampy and batman can have gotham shattering confrontations.

  5. There's a Swamp Thing/Poison Ivy story to be told down the line. I feel it in my bones.

  6. Lex is... going to be visiting Arkham and Joker, I'm sure Poison Ivy can't be far away.