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Friday, April 30, 2010

BATMAN: STREETS OF GOTHAM #1 #2 #3 Parts 3, 4 ,5 of HUSH Money

RATING: 3.5 out of 5 points: 
This rating is on the story written by Paul Dini, not on the co-feature in the back of the issues.

These first three issues of the Streets of Gotham series, is a mosaic of backgrounds for several different stories lines that Dini develops later.  While it would make my life easier if he didn't shuffle these stories like a stack of cards, it does give you the feel that the  characters lives  are not singular, but weaved together upon one another, even if they don't knowingly acknowledge it.

FULL REVIEW: ******SPOILERS of the Story included:

I had to go back and reread these issues to actually understand what Dini was trying to do with these issues.  They contain background information that set up different stories that he will touch on in the future, but I also can see the interplay between the villains on the 'Gotham streets' and how their actions affect each other.

The storyline that got my attention the most, was the one with Thomas Elliot, Hush.  It travels through all three of these issues and is the reason why I grouped these issues together.  All story lines, even those in other series, that use the Wayne name, is affected by this plot, because it where Hush starts impersonating Bruce Wayne on a full time basis, with Wayne family approval, with limits of course.

In these issues we do see ABUSE for the first time, but it is not explained who, or what he is until issue 10. Also these three issues has Zsasz, and how he becomes "Mr Zsasz", but nothing of what he plans to do with his new persona.  Although... ,this information is nice to know, and helps with characterization, you don't necessary need to read these issue to enjoy the other stories when they finally unfold.

Issue #1: IGNITION!
Issue #2: CITY ON FIRE

Writer Paul Dini
Penciled & Cover: Dustin Nguyen
Inker/colors/letters: Derick Fridolfs/John Kalisz/Steve Wands
Publisher: DC Comics

Monday, April 26, 2010

Superman / Batman #64 #68 #69 #70 #71 BIG NOISE

RATING: 2.7 out of 5 points:
Title: The Big Noise: Written by Joe Casey

This story started out with quite a bit of promise. It had mystery. It had an off world appeal, especially with an ancient alien spacecraft.  There were several great fight scenes in that first issue.   So..... WHAT went wrong? I'll tell you. The writer’s indifference to the story reflected in the pages of the comic.  HE lost interest in telling the story and his heart wasn't in it.

FULL REVIEW: ******SPOILERS of the Story included:

Before I came to that conclusion, I couldn't put my finger on... what was making this story blah... What kept me from saying, "Wow", when I read this story?
I tried dissecting it, from dialog to art, from characterization to plot, but all seemed to be smooth, or... the problems I could find were just too nit picky, that they shouldn't matter to the story.  The art ... at least to me... was great.  Reviewers with more knowledge of art were able to tell that the skill in the ink and coloring wasn't up to par... but I couldn't tell, so I don't think that was what was wrong.

It wasn't until I read the interview Joe Casey had with Comic Book Resources, that I finally hit my Ah..Ha.. moment.

Joe Casey said in the interview:
"Well, to be perfectly honest, I had other 'Superman/Batman' stories that I wanted to do, stories that I felt would really fulfill the promise of the book having to be ‘outside’ current continuity but would still get readers pumped, so the most exciting thing about this story was getting to the end of it, so I could possibly move on to writing the next ones."
Casey became disinterested and impatient with his own story. I would say that feeling... of wanting to get on to another project..., carried into the book.  Just like smiling when talking on the telephone, the person receiving the call can hear the smile in your voice.  The same when your writing a story, your feelings get translated into the pages.

Look at some of the art. The art itself should have carried the story, I enjoyed the art portion for the most part.
The ending of the second issue had a great fire fight between Superman and the antagonist, NRG-X, an alien hired assassin that was hired to kill Clark Kent.  I mean come... on...why wasn't I excited about this. Well ... I was... till I got the next issue.

There was so much promise of a good story, but as it unfolded, it seemed humdrum, like... business as usual, another day in the DC universe.  Oh... there goes Superman and Batman... fighting another pending planetary disaster, ho hum ...

The most exciting thing to me was how Batman's spacesuit was drawn.
I got almost giddy, Te he he he. Oh... Ah...can you tell I'm a Batman Beyond fan?

I sure hope I"m not a lone.

 To the right is a cover to the Batman Beyond 2010 Mini Series, Hush Beyond.

If Casey had just mentioned more about the suit, maybe...maybe I would have WOKE up.

The ending was a 'dump' ending, as in "lets end this real quick and dump the story".  Superman ripped the NRG-X apart, then froze the guy behind hiring him into an icicle. Wham Baam we're done. I am being a little harsh, because it did really take a whole issue to finish the story, but it was... a lack luster meh.. ending, to what could have been a great story.

The credits of the books also show how they lost interest and dumped the book unto others.

Superman/Batman : The Big Noise:
Issue #64: Prelude to Big Noise  Writer: Joe Casey > Pencils: Ardian Syaf > Inks: Scott Kolins > color: Michael Atiyeh
Issue #68 :Rumble Face  > Writer: Joe Casey > Pencils: Ardian Syaf > Inks: Vicente Cifuentes  and David Enebral > color: Ulises Arreola
Issue #69:Benediction Redox > Writer: Joe Casey > Pencils: Ardian Syaf > Inks: Vicente Cifuentes > Color: Ulises Arreola
Issue #70: Righteous Destroyer > Writer: Joe Casey > Pencils: Ardian Syaf  & Jay Fabok > Inks: Vicente Cifuentes, NOrm Rapmund and Marlo Alquiza >Color: Ulises Arreola
Issue #71: The Final Solution > Writer: Joe Casey & Joshua Williamson > Pencils: Jason Fabok >  Inks: Pretis rollins, Rebecca Buchman, Derek Fridolfs, and Walden Wong > Colors : Pete Pantazis

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Justice League of America #44

Justice League Of America : issue #44
Title: DEVIL in the Details

Writer: James Robinson
Pencils:Mark Bagley
Inks: Rob Hunter & Norm Rapmund
Color: Ulises Arreola
Letters: Rob Leigh

OVERALL  RATING: 3 out of 5 points

Why the Rating of 3? Not great, but was worth the money. I enjoyed the fight scene, but I can’t say that I will remember it.  For the most part the dialog seemed blocky and didn’t flow, but I enjoyed the panels with the cameo appearance.

Brightest Day: 1
JSA: 4

FULL REVIEW: ******SPOILERS of the Story included.

The best part was the Cameo of Etrigan. I hadn’t read any of the previews for this issue so I was pleasantly surprised.  This fight with Etrigan for me was great. Etrigan was in full rhyming mode and was quite able to take on each of the JLA members individually.  It was only the teamwork that conquered the demon.

This issue starts out in the JLA holographic training room called THE KITCHEN.  The current four members are training together; Donna Troy, Batman/Dick Grayson, Starman, Congo Bill.  Dick and Donna are trying to gauge what kind of powers that Starman and Bill’s possess.
There is a rumble and the side of the JLA Satellite ruptures. Bill and Starman rescue Dick and Donna from possible death. The JLA auto defenses make a monitor womb closing the Rupture.
They find out that the Rupture was caused by a passing green glowing meteor. The meteor lands in Russia. The JLA team goes to investigate and finds Etrigan enraged fighting the German Elite Guard for the meteor. Etrigan seems out of his mind with the need to possess the meteor.  The four fight Etrigan off the Elite Guard.  Donna Lassos him with her blue lasso, we find out that this is the “Lasso of persuasion.” She inserts her will over Etrigan to change back to Jason Blood.
Scene Change; JSA headquarters, Medical Lab. Green Lantern Alan Scott is in a hospital bed with all kinds of instruments attached to him. Alan is emanating a green glow lighting up the room. JSA member surrounding him.  Mr. Terrific comes in the door and tells everyone of the meteor. While eyes are turned on Mr Terrific, another man comes to the door, Sebastian Faust. Faust announces that this is a sign of  the beginning of “The end of the World.”
Scene change: Back to Russia. Jason Blood explains the JLA team that he was in Budapest and he saw the meteor coming and how an urge over took him “Not to just follow the meteor and be with the meteor, but to OWN it.”  He says that both him and Etrigan were possessed.  This apparently is the end of this cameo as Jason walks away.
Congo Bill and Donna see a fissure in the glowing green meteor and they decide to prie it open. It pops open and reveals Jade.

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS from a Woman’s point of View:
Lately Starman just looks HOT.  In Cry for Justice, and in this issue of JLA, my eyes keep being drawn to how well he is drawn.  I know he is gay, but I don’t care.  It’s not like I’m going to get any action, he’s a comic book character.  I keep thinking “MMmm mmmm mmm Good god... what a waste.”  It must be the Elvis curl to his bang, Please, Oh please, Oh please... let him stay shirt free.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Reading Order and List of comics for Brightest Day Updated 05/01/2011

BY NO MEANS do you have to buy all these books to get the storyline. This is only a chronological rendering if you ARE getting these books. A lot have repeated scenes so that you don't have to buy both series.  Separate storylines are below.
TANGENT STORIES  will be highlighted and reading order horizontal. These storylines could be read separately without Brightest day and vice ah versa, 

If you see were I am wrong, PLEASE leave a comment and let me know, you not only help me, but others that reading this post. 
I've listed the TPB after the last issue that is included in that TPB, that is the best I can do for reading order of the trades.


GREEN LANTERN(GL) 53 {has Hal have a drink with Carol before and meeting with Sinestro}


JUSTICE LEAGUE : GENERATION  LOST #1,  POWER GIRL 13-15,  JL:Generation Lost  2-6

BRIGHTEST DAY 7 ** TPB: Brightest Day vol 1 ends with 7.

JL: Generation Lost 7-10,  Power Girl  16-17,  JL:Generation Lost 11-12 {Jl:GL 2 repeats BD 0 ** TPB: Justice League : Generation Lost vol 1 ends with 12
FLASH Secret files and Origins 2010 : One shot,  Flash 1-6 {Capt boomarang escapes and meets up with the Rogues) **TPB:The Dastardly Death of the Rogues 


GREEN LANTERN: Emerald Warrior  #1 {Lyssa Drax in the book of Black}

UNTOLD TALES OF BLACKEST NIGHT: One shot {Mysterious Guardian releases Lyssa Drax from The book of the Black}

GREEN LANTERN 54 (repeats what was in Brightest Day) {Mysterious Guardian releases Sodam from Daxam's sun, chains ION entity} 

GLorps 49 {Kyle has dream of Jade}

JLA: 44-46, JSA: 41, JLA: 47, JSA:42, JLA: 48, JSA: 43 **TPB Justice League of America : The Dark Things

GREEN LANTERN: Emerald Warrior   2-4{issue 3 has Sodam awaking on Daxam and Mysterious guardian has meeting with Zardor, issue 4 Sodam  and followers move to unknown sectors} 

GLcorps 50-52{issue 50 in flashback Cyborg-Superman gives mysterious guardian his manhunters}**TPB: GL Corps: Revolt of the Alpha Lanterns

GREEN LANTERN 55{I have a review of this issue see link to the right)




GREEN ARROW 4 (repeats BD 9)

TITANS:Villains for Hire Special #1, then TITANS #24-34: {I really didn't see any crossing with this storyline but it would have happened after BD 7 and before BD24
BRIGHTEST DAY 10 {deathstorm}


BIRDS OF PREY 1-6 {Hawk has a flashback to Brightest day 7 but they just met the Birds, and later in Brightest day Deadman refers to the Birds, so this is the best place I can think of to put it .}**TPB: Birds of Prey vol 1

BRIGHTEST DAY 12 {Watchtower mentioned}


JL: Genration Lost 13-16, Power Girl 19-20, PG20 has Bruce}

BRIGHTEST DAY 14 {Batman/Bruce } 

JL:Generation Lost 17-21, Power Girl 21, JL: Generation Lost 22-24

GLcorps 53-54 {weaponer}


BRIGHTEST DAY 16 {Midnight and Mr T, Atom}**TPB Brightest Day vol 2

GREEN LANTERN 56-60 {Flash/Barry shows up talking about Artrocitus} {Sinestro leaves, Mysterious Guardian gathers} AT this point it becomes less and less connected to Brightest day and more of a just a set up for War of the  Green Lanterns
GREEN LANTERN: Emerald Warrior 5 {Atrocitus signals Guy}
GLcorps 55 {Atrocitus signals Ghantlet}
GREEN LANTERN: Emerald Warrior 6-7 {Sodam with high levels of energy appearing on Kralok}
GLcorps 56 {Kyle Battle with Weaponer}


GLCorps 57 {FS Qward} 

Green Arrow 5-6 **TPB Green Arrow into the Woods

FLASH 7:  {all Capt Boomarang}

BRIGHTEST DAY 18 {Cap Boomarang questioned, Boston at 100 and dust}


Green Arrow  7-11


GREEN ARROW #12 Star Forest Epilogue

GREEN LANTERN 61-62{Entities captured}** TPB Green Lantern: Brightest Day ends

GREEN LANTERN 63-64 {start of War of the GL}
GLCorps 58
GL: EMerald Warriors 8
Green Lantern 65
GL Corps 59
GL Emerald Warriors 9 

STORY LINES and Reading Order in Blue:

There is a spoiler for each title below the reading order, if you don't want to be spoiled skip to the next title. 

Even though they all have parts in Brightest Day #0, it's only for a few pages each and usually repeated in the other series, so Brightest Day #0 can be skipped for the other story lines except for the main Brightest Day story. The other titles seem to be doing their own Brightest Day story and most are not crossing. At this time they are congruent and repeating the story when needed. 

Main Brightest Day Story: 

Reading Order: Brightest Day 0-24
Featuring Deadman, Martian Manhunter, Hawkman, Hawkwoman, Aquaman, Mera, Hawk, Dove

-They are trying to find their way after being resurrected and the mysterious things that are happening to them.

SPOILERS, skip down to the reading order in Blue to not be spoiled: 

-Deadman: Being whisked away being controlled by the White Lantern Ring on his finger. In search of the replacement for the White Entity.
-Martian Manhunter: Trying to find another Martian who could be behind some mystery.  He tried to burn the Star Forest. He then went to Mars and is being co-erst by a female green Martian, who was a evil martian from back before his planet was dead.
-Hawkman & Hawkwoman: Hath-Set has major plans for their old bones from previous lives. They've traveled to Hawkworld to find him and answers.
-Aquaman & Mera: Aquaman is calling dead sealife instead of living. Mera has a secret that she has been keeping that she reveals to Aquaman.  Aquaman is facing off with Black Manta over the new Aqualad, who finds answers in the chest left with him when he was a baby.
-Hawk & Dove: Dove has been whisked away with Deadman and is helping him. Hawk got left behind. 
- Firestorm  Ronnie and Jason are trying to figure out their powers and why they are out of wack. A voice keeps talking calling to them. Deathstorm wants to make Ronnie and Jason reach their emotional overload.


READING ORDER: Birds Of Prey 1-8
Hawk/Dove is also in Brightest day  but the story doesn't connect to the one in Birds of Prey,
so currently separate story lines
Oracle brings Huntress, Black Canary, Lady Black Hawk, Hank/Hawk and Dove together  as a team.  Hank is one of the resurrected, but other then that the story doesn't cross with the Brightest Day story, as yet. Currently there is a mystery woman claiming to be White Canary.  Hank has a flashback and says he failed his mission. White Canary takes Black Canary to Bangkok and Huntress and Lady Blackhawk follow without Black Canary's permission.  Oracle stays in Gotham at the new headquarters.

BD #7

Brightest Day #0 then read Flash 1-7 then Brightest Day #18
{ Flash 2-6 little snips of what Captain Boomarang is doing then Flash #7 is all Cap Boomarang then BD 18 has Cap Boomarang}

Other than the Cap Boomerang parts, Flash 1-6 is Barry trying to get things back to normal, and solving a crime he didn't know he committed. The Cap Boomerang parts are a page here and there until Flash 7...which is all Capt Boomerang


Green Lantern  AND Green Lantern CORPS: 
GLCorps #47(blackest night Epilogue)then Green Lantern #53 then {Brightest Day 0-1} then GLCorps 48 then a STORYline SPLIT go to the next blue to pass spoilers.
SPOILERS before split:
-At first the story lines are shuffled then split.
-Hal, Carol, and Sinestro arguing over the White Lantern battery
-Mystery/Guardian is also collecting entities(see panel to the right).
LaFleeze on earth being greedy.
 -Ghantlet recruited Atrocious and Guy Gardner for a mysterious alliance, then they split and went on their separate and Guy is now in the Emerald Warrior series.

SPLIT1 with Green Lantern series= GL Corps 48 then Green Lantern #54 - #62
{GL Corps 55: tells what went on in the meeting between Atrocitus, Ghantlet and Guy Gardner}
Skip to the next Blue for the other storyline from the split.
-Hal, Carrol, and Sinestro are trying to find the secrets of the White Lantern and of the White guardian who told them to collect the entities. 
The secret of who is the Mystery Guardian is revealed in GL 
Listed at bottom of post are the entities but it has spoilers. 
Just a side note on Lobo; after securing his price from Atrocious, the story crossed over to REBELs 20 because he becomes a member of REBELS  with it hanging on his neck and  he has not used it yet .

GL Corps #48  then GL Corp #49 - #52 then new storyline skip down to next blue> TPB:Revolt of the Alpha Lanterns

1st storyline- Ghantlet becomes a Green Lantern and is being forced by Cyborg-
Superman to try to turn the the Alpha Lanterns back to human.  Kyle Rayner & John Stewart are trying rescue Ghantlet.
 -Saint Walker(hope) also on earth helping the "buried" embrace the light. 

Then new storyline GL Corps 53-57

WHITE NET: Made by Deadman when he was flung through the air by Anti-Monitor in  Brightest day 3, then it is seen for a page in GLcorps 49 and again for a page 51, The net was appropriated by a Qwardian Weaponeer(click to learn) who is using its energy in his weapons to fight GL Kyle and kidnapped Sinestro's Daughter, because he has a beef with Sinestro.

War of the Green Lanterns.
MERGE: GL 63-64 then GLCorps 58

Names of entities and current location moved to bottom of this post: Major spoilers

READING ORDER: There is a few pages in Green Lantern 53 and GLCorps #48(has the meeting with Atrocitus) then GL:Emerald Warriors 1 (which has Atrocitus before he appears in GL 54) then Emerald Warriors 2-6,
It really has nothing to do with the Brightest Day but it has a Banner.

The secret mission that Ghantlet started in the other books gets on its way. The mission will take them into the Unknown Sectors and Guy Gardner has convinced the Guardians that he needs to explore and map the Unknown Sectors. In Issue 3 the Mystery Guadian seems to be siding with the new bad guy in the Unknown Sectors.

Green Arrow:
READING ORDER: Brightest Day 0 then...( no issues on the story on  Hal becoming available) ...then Green Arrow 1-7

Has a nice lush forest in the middle of Star city because Deadman made the forest grow in Brightest day,  BUT the story looks to be more part of Cry for Justice then for Brightest Day because now Green Arrow is patrolling the forest while some old flame of his fathers takes over Queen Industries and the city.  There is a big White Lantern symbol on one of the trees. Hal drops in at the end of issue 1 and leaves in issue 2.  I don't know when.. in the time line this is... since Hal is in the Green Lantern series too.  GA #4 is a rerun of Brightest Day #9(told better in BD9 but now you don't need BD9 at all) the story in both is of Martian Manhunter trying to burn the forest but finds out its the wrong forest for him to burn and moves on.
READING ORDER:Brightest Day 0 then JLA 44-46 then crossing to Justice Society 41 then Justice League #47  then JSA #42 then JLA #48 then Storyline SPLlTs
(The TPB Justice League of America: Dark Things has both the JLA and JSA issues in it)(Green Lantern Kyle Raymer showed up in JLA 47-48 and is also in GL corps 48-49 but don't seem to be the same story in GLcorps ) 
- Jade(resurrected) is having mysterious things happening to her, and her biological family (in the JSA) is being affected, because of the Starheart. The Starheart is effecting magic and nature based creatures.
Jades family is building a large construct on the moon and they are trying to find out why, while other magic based beings are trying to stop them. The JSA and JLA are teamed up to fight the Starheart on the Moon.

JLA 49-50 : starts a new story with no Brightest day banner and didn't read like a Brightest day story. 
SPOILERS: Has a fight between the JLA members and the Crime Syndicate of America, which is alternate versions of the original JlA who are evil.
JSA #43: Still has a Brightest day banner, is a one issue storyline
I'm leaving off any future JSA Issues because it doesn't seem to pertain to Brightest Day at this point.

about magic users moving into the Emerald City created by the Starheart on the Moon because they are drawn to the City.
I'm leaving off any future JSA Issues because it doesn't seem to pertain to Brightest Day at this point.

Justice League: Generation Lost:
READING ORDER: Brightest day #0(1 page) that repeats in JL:GL #1 then{PG 13-15}then JL:GL#2-10 then {PG16-17} then JL:GL 11-16 then {PG 19-20} then JL:GL #17-19
(Power Girl isn't necessary for JL: GL storyline, or visa versa but if you are reading both this is the order I would go by)
Booster, Ice, Fire, Captain Atom are looking for Max Lord, who was able to make the world forget that he existed. Max Lord kills people and they turn into Black Lanterns and he seems to be able to kill them again. Blue Beetle and Rocket Red have joined the pursuit After Max achieves what the White entity wanted, there is a new apocalyptic future that 
Captain Atom is thrown into. And Cap. Atom finds out that the cause is that Max starts a war by killing yet another superhero. Wonder woman has ceased to exist and the only ones who remember her is Max, Booster, Cap Atom, Ice, and Fire. Max wants to find her so that he can kill her and is a bit miffed because he had nothing to do with her disappearing from everyone's mind.

TITANS:Deathstroke building a team of villains.
READING ORDER: Brightest day #0  then TITANS:Villains for Hire Special #1, then TITANS #24-34 This doesn't cross with Brightest day other then being mentioned as happen at the end of BD 24.

Osiris's looks like he is accessing the White Light to bring Isis back and has become more vulnerable. It also looks like as he kills the outer layer of the statue starts cracking more.
Roy Harper joins Deathstroke's Titans because Jade wants Deathstroke dead.   
Osiris's takes off from the Titans.

The ATOM: Brightest Day: The Atom Special then co-feature in Adventure comics 516-517.

-Atom finds a mystery about his uncle, who he thought was dead.

(1 shot) 
Has the mystery gudian freeing Lyssa Drak from the book of the dead and telling her that "A new book will be written for a new Epoch.

IGN Geoff Johns 01/11/2010
DC Blog- Dan DiDio 01/11/2010
USA Today- Geoff Johns 04/14/2010 
CBR Goeff Johns 04/15/2010
IGN Geoff Johns 06/25/2010-Firestorm 

JULY: Brightest Day Solicitations Link
AUGUST Brightest Day Titles at DC Link
SEPTEMBER Brightest Day Titles at DC Link
October Brightest Day solicitations Link

November Brightest Day solicitations Link 
December Brightest Day solicitations Link 
JANUARY 2011 Solicits for Brightest Day link 
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Other helpful links

Blackest Night Story
This is a Link to the powers of the  different Colors of the Lanterns  -Scroll to the bottom of the site to read what the powers of the other Lanterns. 

Brightest Day Promo/Teaser Poster by Ivan Reis
It is based on a painting by Peter Blume called The Rock

Variant covers by Ryan Sook form a teasing mural on what may happen next. Click for LINK HERE

Assignments by the White Entity, that they must complete to keep their restored lives  told in Brightest Day #7 but repeats in all the other books for that character.
Deadman:  The entity is dying. Deadman is to find "the one" to replace him/her.
J'onn: Burn the the Forest. Brightest Day 21 Mission complete-life restored.."Then so be it"

Firestorm: Stop the Black Lantern incarnate Firestorm Brightest Day 22 Mission complete-Life Returned
Hawkman:Stop the Queen of Hawkworld. Mission complete-life restored. Hmmm...and "So Be It"
Hawkgirl: Stop Hath Set from killing Hawkman in Hawkworld, because that would cause it to be the last incarnation. Mission complete-life restored. Hmmm...and "So Be It"
AquamanFind Aqualad  before They do.  Brightest Day 20 Mission complete-life returned ...Heh?
Boomerang: Throw the boomerang at Dove to kill her. In one vision he is chasing her in a forest. Brightest day 24

Hawk: Catch the boomerang before it hits Dove.
Jade: Balance the darkness.Mission complete-life restored.
Osiris: Free Isis. Mission complete-Life restored. Titans 32
Max Lord: Stop Magog from starting a world war.Mission complete-life restored. JL:GL 13
Reverse Flash: Bring Barry out of the Speed force. Mission complete-life restored back before Blackest Night

Names of entities

RED: The Butcher (Bull)
ORANGE :Ophidian (serpent looking)
YELLOW: Parallax (insect looking)
GREEN: Ion (protozoa cell looking)
BLUE: Adara (phoenix looking)
INDIGO: Proselyte (Squid looking)
VIOLET: The Predator (Monster )
WHITE: The Entity

Sunday, April 4, 2010

04/04/10 Can you talk dirty in Indigo?

I'm proud of myself for figuring out some of the Indigo language,

and while  traveling to my grandmothers for Easter,
I started poking fun at my husband by speaking in Indigo (which may or may not be correct) on how it is a bright day.
My husband spoke back in Klingon.

I don't know Klingon.
But I got the meaning,

I give him a look, "Are you cussing at me?"

He gives me a smile and starts laughing. Says something else in Klingon.
I say, "Oh... I don't want to hear it mister. You're in the dog house now. And on Sunday too!"

But this exchange got me thinking.

Can you cuss in Indigo?

It's not hard to figure out when someone is cussing in another language, ....or at least, it's not that hard for me.

But for the Indigo tribe, what would it be? Would it contain "knok knok."?
If so
my reply would be, "Who's there?"

Friday, April 2, 2010

04/02/10 Ode to Chaos

I love Chaos
I go looking for Chaos

I search my home
I search my yard
I search my neighborhood
I search my town
Where can Chaos be found?

Is Chaos out in the world running rabid?
Could Chaos be causing harm?

Those that can't except Chaos in their lives...
Those that try to frighten Chaos away...
Cannot understand the good in Chaos.

I go looking for Chaos
I search my house
I search my yard
I search my neighborhood
I search my town
OH oh oh... Chaos can't be found.

Chaos has moved on
As it is meant to be
Out in the the universe Chaos runs free
Someday, I know I will see my Chaos back next to me.

Chaos: Born Oct 1997 - Moved on April 2, 2010