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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Justice League of America #44

Justice League Of America : issue #44
Title: DEVIL in the Details

Writer: James Robinson
Pencils:Mark Bagley
Inks: Rob Hunter & Norm Rapmund
Color: Ulises Arreola
Letters: Rob Leigh

OVERALL  RATING: 3 out of 5 points

Why the Rating of 3? Not great, but was worth the money. I enjoyed the fight scene, but I can’t say that I will remember it.  For the most part the dialog seemed blocky and didn’t flow, but I enjoyed the panels with the cameo appearance.

Brightest Day: 1
JSA: 4

FULL REVIEW: ******SPOILERS of the Story included.

The best part was the Cameo of Etrigan. I hadn’t read any of the previews for this issue so I was pleasantly surprised.  This fight with Etrigan for me was great. Etrigan was in full rhyming mode and was quite able to take on each of the JLA members individually.  It was only the teamwork that conquered the demon.

This issue starts out in the JLA holographic training room called THE KITCHEN.  The current four members are training together; Donna Troy, Batman/Dick Grayson, Starman, Congo Bill.  Dick and Donna are trying to gauge what kind of powers that Starman and Bill’s possess.
There is a rumble and the side of the JLA Satellite ruptures. Bill and Starman rescue Dick and Donna from possible death. The JLA auto defenses make a monitor womb closing the Rupture.
They find out that the Rupture was caused by a passing green glowing meteor. The meteor lands in Russia. The JLA team goes to investigate and finds Etrigan enraged fighting the German Elite Guard for the meteor. Etrigan seems out of his mind with the need to possess the meteor.  The four fight Etrigan off the Elite Guard.  Donna Lassos him with her blue lasso, we find out that this is the “Lasso of persuasion.” She inserts her will over Etrigan to change back to Jason Blood.
Scene Change; JSA headquarters, Medical Lab. Green Lantern Alan Scott is in a hospital bed with all kinds of instruments attached to him. Alan is emanating a green glow lighting up the room. JSA member surrounding him.  Mr. Terrific comes in the door and tells everyone of the meteor. While eyes are turned on Mr Terrific, another man comes to the door, Sebastian Faust. Faust announces that this is a sign of  the beginning of “The end of the World.”
Scene change: Back to Russia. Jason Blood explains the JLA team that he was in Budapest and he saw the meteor coming and how an urge over took him “Not to just follow the meteor and be with the meteor, but to OWN it.”  He says that both him and Etrigan were possessed.  This apparently is the end of this cameo as Jason walks away.
Congo Bill and Donna see a fissure in the glowing green meteor and they decide to prie it open. It pops open and reveals Jade.

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS from a Woman’s point of View:
Lately Starman just looks HOT.  In Cry for Justice, and in this issue of JLA, my eyes keep being drawn to how well he is drawn.  I know he is gay, but I don’t care.  It’s not like I’m going to get any action, he’s a comic book character.  I keep thinking “MMmm mmmm mmm Good god... what a waste.”  It must be the Elvis curl to his bang, Please, Oh please, Oh please... let him stay shirt free.

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