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BEN 10: To Rest In Peace

This is FANFICTION...I know nothing of what is going on at the BEN 10 production.

BUT ...I'm quite proud of this page.
It was my first try at fan fiction.
I submitted it about six months ago to Choose Wisely Productions.
Choose Wisely Productions produced Transformers Mosaic a free comic book day comic.
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They were going to do a Mosaic of one page stories for BEN 10 called BEN 10 Infinity.
When I first contacted Josh Van Reyk with Choose Wisely, I thought I was too late to submit a script and I just wanted to comment on how my kids and I loved BEN 10. Josh was full of encouragement and said they were still excepting scripts. Always ready for a challenge I submitted one the next day but I want to say one thing...


Josh said it was GREAT and he was sure it will be in the mosaic. It was picked to go in the artist cue..I was so excited ...then ...BEN 10 Mosaic project...bombed.  I wasn't given the details but it was canned.{tears}

I'm proud of my little Fan fiction was another First here's my script.
The format was Choose Wisely Production's format.
Critiques are welcome.