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Sunday, April 4, 2010

04/04/10 Can you talk dirty in Indigo?

I'm proud of myself for figuring out some of the Indigo language,

and while  traveling to my grandmothers for Easter,
I started poking fun at my husband by speaking in Indigo (which may or may not be correct) on how it is a bright day.
My husband spoke back in Klingon.

I don't know Klingon.
But I got the meaning,

I give him a look, "Are you cussing at me?"

He gives me a smile and starts laughing. Says something else in Klingon.
I say, "Oh... I don't want to hear it mister. You're in the dog house now. And on Sunday too!"

But this exchange got me thinking.

Can you cuss in Indigo?

It's not hard to figure out when someone is cussing in another language, ....or at least, it's not that hard for me.

But for the Indigo tribe, what would it be? Would it contain "knok knok."?
If so
my reply would be, "Who's there?"

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