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Thursday, October 7, 2010

BATMAN CONFIDENTIAL #49 "Work That's Never Done " Review

Rating 4 out of 5

It's like letting chocolate melt in your mouth. It's smooth and satisfying. There are no surprises.. but once it's gone.. there is a little buzz of caffeine to tide you over until the next fix.

The cover is misleading, it's not Dick Grayson as Batman in the story, it's Bruce Wayne.

This has a complete story in this issue, you don't have to buy another in the series to get the whole story.

Review with Spoiler

Batman/Bruce Wayne intercepts a 911 call. He shows up at the scene. He has quite a bit of stubble on his chin which is getting close to being a beard, giving the impression he has been at this for sometime. He goes right into picking up clues and they are deciphered for us in captions (I love seeing him work through clues).  After solving this crime, he intercepts a 911 call...

This was SUCH a WELL written issue, the writer knew when to let the art tell the story, not every panel has type. The art is also very well done. Every panel was well done: the coloring... even in the smaller panels... his flashlight highlighting people he comes across...the shadows in the background behind him...the cape flutters...all excellent. 

I'll be looking for this writer in the future and the art crew.

Link to a interview with the writer on Batman Confidencial #49,  James Patrick

Writer: James Patrick
Pencils: Steve Scott
Inks: Bob Petrecca
Colors: David aron
Letters: Swands
Cover : Andy Kubert with Brad Anderson 
Publisher: DC comics
Dec 2010


  1. You know, the only one of these I read was the Red Robin. And I was pretty disappointed with it. Fabian is a damn good writer, but this is his sleeper right now.

  2. I think you meant to comment on The Road Home post, but I get where you're comming from about The Road Home: Red Robin being a sleeper.

    I liked the story but I think that readers are missing pieces of the story if they don't get Batman & Robin(also by Fabian) and continue...reading the storyline...which.. I thinking ...will end up being in the Red Robin series.

    I really don't think they can be read as stand alone stories, and people are only getting part of the story, so arn't satisfied.

    That's why I couldn't give it a full 4 points or higher, it's not a finish story.