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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

POWER GIRL : ALIENS AND APES 7 8 9 10 11 12 TPB Review

 RATING 4 out of 5

This is campy, Full of Fun, set of comics. At the time that the Power Girl series started, it was such a wonderful welcome relief to the stories of horror that DC was producing at that time.  The Power Girl series started out at the same time as the Blackest Night storyline. Almost every other series at that time had a crossover for Blackest Night, which usually involved the characters getting their hearts ripped out by zombie looking loved ones who had returned from the dead, but Power Girl didn't, Thank Goodness.... This set of issues in the Power Girl series does refer to a few things that happened in the previous issues, but you can still enjoy these with a big smile.

Full Review plus... Spoilers

If you haven't heard of Power Girl you probably need to go here: Link
Abbreviated: She is a cousin to a Superman from Earth-2, but is trapped on this Earth.  Even though she is one of the "Supers", she is not direct family.  This sometimes makes her feel very alone and out of place, so she has a "empty"/bare spot on the chest of her uniform because... one day... she hopes  to feel excepted enough to put a big red  "S" there (And there will be millions of Fanboys marching against DC if this ever happens).

Before we start on the review ...let's review ...the cameo characters...

Vartox of Valeron
 Vartox first appeared in 1974 in Superman #281 (PG 7 is similar to the cover from of #281), which was a year after the movie, Zardoz (1973).   Vartox is said to be based off the Sean Connery character in the movie Zardoz.

Ahw...The Seventy's...
They where Shagedelic, baby. 

And...ah... Zardoz, what can you say,  it's a movie that Sean Connery wishes... he never heard of.

That movie was the inspiration for so many... many comedy sketchs, and may have been the reason that Madonna looked so classy in the Eighty's

Did you say, "No"..."It can't be."... "James Bond would never be caught dead in that get up."

Ah Ha ha ha ha ha .....OH yes...yes he did...
(scene from Zardoz to the right).

Well...back to Power Girl...Vartox has troubles ....on his home planet Valeron.  Everyone has been sterilized except him, and he must find a suitable mate to help him populate the planet.

Do you know where this is going? Of course you do.

Vartox brings a dangerous monster, the IX Negaspike, and lets it loose on earth, so that he can defeat it.  Why? To show Power Girl that Vartox is a manly man .  Things go wrong... and Power Girl is the one who has to handle the monster, and the egotistical bas..  ah...beast that is trying to waylay her.

What's a girl gonna do?
Well... I guess you'll have to read it to find out. (grin)

Power Girl also has problems with ...Satanna.

Satanna is a  mad-scientist brain surgeon .....that  transplants human brains into animals.  In previous issues,  Power Girl had a beat down on Ultra-Humanite, who is Satanna's White Gorilla boyfriend. (Ultra-Humanite is also a brain surgeon who had transferred his own brain into the Gorilla.)

Santanna returns in these issues for a little vengeance, like she really needed a excuse.

Power Girl's friend, Terra, also makes a appearance to give her a helping hand.

Terra  Not Geoforce's sister, her real name Atlee,  is from another planet and can control the earth, as in the dirt around her.  She wears a Black and white costume and has dark hair.

These are a great set of campy... fun filled stories, they helped to establish the series, and gave it a really good start. The whole crew on these issues did a great job.  The art really fit well with the light hearted storyline.

I don't have all of the very first issues of Power Girl, so I didn't feel right giving a review of them, but the ones I do have were also full of fun, with a "Not so serious" attitude, and worth checking out.

Titles of issues:
#7: Lust in Space
#8: A Groovy Kind of Love
#9: This city is a Zoo
#10: War on  Terra
#11: Terra Alert! 
#12: The Little Things!
Writers; Jimmy Palmiotti & Justin Gray
Art: Amanda Conner
Colors: Paul Mounts
Letters: John J Hill
Publisher: DC Comics
Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul 2010

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