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Thursday, October 7, 2010


Rating 2.3 out of 5
I didn't care for this issue...

I can forgive many things in a Batman comic that is outside of the formal Batman continuity.
I can ignore the manic behavior.
I can ignore the beligerance to Alfred.
I can get over the repetitive dialogue.
I can forgive an almost undecipherable plot.
BUT I can't ... won't...accept a stupid Bruce Wayne as Batman.
No no no no
REVIEW plus Spoiler, or two

The dialogue...I'm either getting use to it...or it's a smege better, but the shirtless Bruce is gone...which is such a shame.  Maybe that's why I'm not digging this hairy chested Bruce to distract me from the dialogue.  I found myself plodding along in the storyline.  There is a scene where Bruce/Batman looses control and starts beating the bad guy almost to death, and it seemed to last forever....

< WHO is this guy in the baby blue and purple outfit? I already hate him  and his little Robin look-a-like partner.
Also ...some of the art is really sketchy.
And I hate the coloring for Aquaman, his skin, hair, and top of his suit, mesh together.

The part that really lost me in the story... was Bruce/Batman mistaking the man-bat, (the one stealing the album in the above panel) for Kirk Langstrom.  What??? Is this where the line... "all man-bats look the same to me"... should be used?
Even if, the man-bat in question, is twice as big, wearing old man pants, and undershirt?

No mater the story, in Elseworlds, or other worldly location, Batman is a Detective. This means he has trained himself in the ability to decipher small clues at a crime scene, and to be able to see the smallest detail.   Bruce can be unsure in personal situations, like with women, or with his actions, but.... HE COULD TELL THIS MAN-BAT WAS NOT KIRK.  It would not take four to six panels for him to figure that out.  I'm still not sure if he knows.

YES...I'm getting the next issue...I'm still interested ... but it won't be the first comic I pick out of my pile to read.

Story and Art: Neal Adams
Inks: Neal Adams & Scott Williams
Color: Continuity Studios
Letters: Ken Lopez
Publisher: DC Comics
Dec 2010


Batman Odyssey Part 5
Batman knows his Odyssey must happen soon before he loses himself, but Deadman invades The Dark Knight's world and only sees the inevitable crash and burn of his old friend. Should Deadman add to Batman's "crash" – or hold off and give the Caped Crusader a few last moments of relative peace? This is Deadman we're talking about – of course he's going to step in!


  1. Neal Adams has probably embarrassed himself for life by writing this absolute garbage when he had the opportunity for an amazing comeback.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. He still has a chance for a comeback, anything can happen in 8 issues. It could turn around.

    As I've said in the Review...I can except A LOT in a Elseworlds Batman, except Bruce Wayne being STUPID.

    Neal Adams is a awesome artist...if he just wouldn't use so many words to get a thought across.

  4. The man is from the old school era, where caption and explanations are common. Yes, he should let somebody else more capable to write, and color the book instead giving it to his own company or relatives. Alex Sinclair would be perfect for him.

  5. Hi, bang on, but it's not Neal's comeback anonymous at the top....

  6. I haven't read number 6 yet... it's at the bottom of my stack and I'm dreading it. REALLY dreading it.