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Friday, June 11, 2010

This is MY FIRST.... I'm so giddy with joy ...that I must share my experience.

This was MY First, you... heard me...MY FIRST!!!

Do you remember your first?

I must admit that I was a little Naive...

Quite unsure what to ask for...

I mean, IT was my First... and I didn't know WHAT to expect.

BUT to describe how it feels, this first, I'm absolutely Ecstatic...Giddy...and so ...damn Happy with what I got, that I can't wait to do it again.

This was my first commissioned comic art piece.

I wanted action, so I asked for Batman fighting Huntress. THAT'S all I wrote for instructions.

I didn't even imagine this angle, or Huntress doing a beat down on Batman(not that it's possible), but it's so cool.

I'm so so.. HAPPY!

AND he's FAASST...

I paid for it Friday,
said what I wanted,
and it was in my hands Wednesday.
We patron the same comic book store, so I told him to leave it with the clerk and I would pick it up with my comics.

If you are looking for someone who can pencil, ink, color...he can do it all. He has a lot of talent.

WHO IS HE? you ask.

Benjamin Ryan Moffett and his blog is called The Little Kingdom
This is his Deviant Art Page

I had been thinking of buying a commission for a while, just to find out what it was about, and how to go about it, and what to ask for, and what to expect....
When I saw his work on the ART & WRITTER SHOWCASE , his thread is called, "The Starkoryan Sketchbook".    
I thought his sketches looked Great, then ...I found out he was a local from where I lived. I had to try him out.

I saw it as one of my... quirky...destiny kind of things.

Like....when you get a parking spot... right next to the door of a department store, I will say, 
"It's destiny...there is something here that I must find and buy."
of course... my husband rolls his eyes.

BUT you gotta admit...I was right this time.[wink]

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