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Thursday, June 3, 2010

SUPERMAN/BATMAN Annual #4: Review

RATING: 3.5 out of 5 points:

This was a good story, and it was great to see Terry McGinnis and the elder Bruce Wayne team up again. The Superman portion of the issue  was a little bitter-sweet and little of a downer, but a good read.

Full review with some SPOILERS :

The cover of this issue to the right is so Awesome and was a great start to the story.  Batman/Terry notices that the crooks that he is busting are from out of town, and that it wasn't the first time that week.  He finds out that they have been frighten out of Metropolis by a... Ghost.  The chemistry between Mcginnis and Wayne is used through out the issue and is a joy to read, as in the below panel I scanned. What is really funny is that as I read the issue, I can hear the voices from the animated series.

      Metalio makes a cameo and gives Terry a lead to follow in Metropolis. The landscape of Metropolis is depressing. It has gotten as bad as Gotham, if not worse. Terry mentions how Superman has disappeared, and when we, the reader, sees Superman, we see that his heart is broken.  This is kind of a reflection of how Metropolis looks... broken.  
    Terry and Superman fight the main source of Metropolis's problem together, and Superman takes care of the main villian permantly.
As I've mentioned before it is a better-sweet ending, but it is still a good read.

Writer:Paul Levitz
Pencils & Color: Renato Guedes
Cover: Stanley "Art Germ" Lau
Inker: Jose Wilson
Letterer: Steve Wands

Publisher: DC comics


  1. Good review, I just don't think I would have given it as high a score as you did.

    Keep up the great work!


    Steven G. Willis

  2. I had to add .5... for Ace :)
    I think it is better then average, which is a three, maybe I'm just excited to see Terry again to bump it up to a 3.5, maybe I'll lower it to 3.3.

    Since I'm not a Powered-hero fan, I did ask my husband and he said he liked the issue, but he is sentimental.

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