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Thursday, June 3, 2010

NEMESIS: The Imposters: Issues #1, #2, #3, #4 of 4 Review

RATING: 3.9 out of 5 points

This was a enjoyable surprise.  This series was not on our pull list but we quickly changed our minds, and looked forward to each issue as it came out.  I've become a big fan of the character and I want to see more of Tom Tresser, aka Nemesis, but be warned this does not end in this series, it's a continuation, which is the main reason I didn't give it a 4.

FULL Review with some SPOILERS:

       In this mini, Tom Tresser, has trouble trusting the people around him, because he believes them to be impostors.  I didn't read the previous mini, Final Crisis: Aftermath Escape, but in that series he was captive and in a hallucinatory city called Electric City.  In this mini, there are hallucinations of Brother Eye, who keeps asking him to come back to Electric City, and it lets you believe that he may be... still there.  

      From beginning to end the mini is well paced.  Tresser's line, "My Invention." never gets tiring.  The gadgets he uses are comic book believable and quite inventive.  Joker turned out to be one of  the impostors hired by The Council.  Since Joker was a impostor, it was hard for Nemesis to believe that Batman was real, especially because this is the first time he has met Dick Grayson as Batman  when before  Bruce Wayne was Batman.
     The fight between Tresser and Batman/Dick Grayson was perfect.  When either one thought they had the upper hand, they didn't.  The art really carried the action and made it come to life.  Batman and Wonder Woman seem real and not the impostors, because they are tracking him, but there are doubts.  Ivan Brandon's characterization of them are pretty pat.  It's important to remember that Wonder Woman and Tresser use to be an item. Brandon is able to establish that fact with one sentence.  Batman saying, "Maybe next time you date a dentist."

    I know nearly nothing about Tom Tresser and I fully enjoyed this mini.  At this point, I do want to know more about The Council and why his brother died.  This does NOT have a finished ending, so I'm a little dissatisfied.   I hope... hope...hope.. another Nemesis series comes out soon to finish this story line.  Especially if it is the same team of artists doing it. 
        Ivan Brandon, Cliff Richards and the rest of the team of artist on this book did a excellent job. They need to stay together and do more.  If you like action/adventure with a espionage spy feel to it, I recommend it, but only if you realize it's a continuation.

NEMESIS: The Impostors
Issue 1: Close Your Eyes
Issue 2: Almost Right
Issue 3: Something Small Enough to Break
Issue 4: Here we go
Writer:Ivan Brandon
Art: Cliff Richards
Colors:Matthew Wilson
Letters: Swands/ Sal Cipriano/Travis Lanham
Covers: Danel Luvisi

Publisher: DC Comics


  1. I didn't read #4 yet.

    Have you read any of Simone's WW run? Tresser featured heavily during the entire run.

  2. Thanks for the review. You spurred me to go ahead and check them out.


    Steven G. Willis

  3. Hey HBR!

    WW is about the only thing we don't get. I'm mostly a non-powered hero fan, like Nemesis, Batman etc....
    My husband is the powered hero fan and he's never read any of the WW series. Even though he likes WW(for obvious reasons), he hasn't signed up for WW.
    And I really didn't want to get addicted to another series.
    BUT I do pick them up, on the cheap, when I come across them, but I haven't got any of Simone's because they are too new.

  4. Hey SGW,
    I liked them and I would encourage you to get them, for my own selfish reasons....:}
    if more people buy them, the more likely they will continue producing them. :>

    I haven't figured out where I know you from, since I'm banned from DC boards, could you give me a hint?


  5. Tom rocks. More of him in the DCU in general and around Wonder Woman in particular can only be a good thing. :D brettc1