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Thursday, June 17, 2010

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1.5 out of 5

I've read worse.
Truly, I have.
BUT none of those...have lasted so freakn' long.  I SWEAR... I couldn't keep myself... from putting this down.  I would be in the middle of reading a issue, and would find something to sidetrack myself.  I even got sidetracked reading some of the old JLA Classified issues.  I had to stop myself and tell myself, "No..put that down, you haven't finished Gotham after Midnight yet."  AND force myself to sit and read it.

I even did....housework.  YES, I cleaned... just to avoid reading these issues.

I've been wanting  to read,  Gotham  After Midnight, since that FIRST issue came out.  The title seemed awesome, and the covers, one right after another , were amazing. SO dramatic... They drew your eyes to the issues when your were looking through the stacks.  Luckily... I managed not to succumb to  their sirens song.   It was such a long min(longer then I even knew then) I decided to hold off.

Before buying...I read a few bad reviews and tried to stay away from the spoilers.  I thought IT can't be that bad(and maybe it wasn't. It's just so ....long).   THEN about a month ago... I found them at Half-Priced Books, a dollar a piece. I will say, after paying $12 for the mini ...that now...I feel jipped.  Maybe .25 a issue, if you gotta have it.

The first two issues were okay, but then the series seemed a little overly dramatic when there was no point to being dramatic, and campy without being funny.  In the panel above you can see one of the cookie looking gadgets Batman/Bruce would have, so it started to have a old 1960 TV Batman feel to the campiness, which would have been Okay, if it was at least funny.  If Gotham After Midnight was intended to be funny, I didn't laugh...,  not once.  I was expecting more of a moody drama detective story and maybe that had something to do with my enjoyment of the book.  It wasn't what I expected.   As the series went along, it just got worse,  the campiness made Bruce/Batman look pathetic.  Really... pathetic.  I can't stand a pathetic Batman.

                     NOW... I can say, "Phew!! Finally its over." AND my floors have been mopped, so something good did come out of it.
BATMAN: Gotham After Midnight
Mini Issues1-12 of 12
Writer: Steve Niles
Artist: Kelly Jones
Colorist: Michelle Madsen
Letterer: Pat Brosseu

Publisher: DC Comics



  1. The title of the mini-series is awesome and I expected it to be an off-beat, but horrific and thrilling story.

    I read the first four issues and I absolutely loved the story. Then The Joker appeared and I lost all interest. The story seemed more like a parody of Batman than an actual story.

  2. YOU are so... right.

    AND the parody wouldn't have been BAD, if it was at least meant to be funny, or tried to be funny.

    I've picked up plenty of comics thinking that it would be one thing and it turned out to be another, sometimes the surprise is good.

    BUT they should have cut this Mini's off at four.

  3. Obviously, I've never watched the film LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT, but I had hoped this mini-series was going to follow that film's basic outline.

    Since I didn't finish all twelve issues, do you know if it starts to follow the film's basic outline later in the story?

  4. I've never watched LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT either.

    From what I've read in Wiki on the film,
    No it doesn't.