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Monday, November 28, 2011

DC COMICS PRESENTS : BATMAN - BAD #1 Collects Legend of the Dark Knight 146 147 148 179 LOTDK

BAD: {Writer: Doug Moench, Artist: Barry Kitson, Separations: Digital Chameleon, Colorist: James Sinclair, Editors: Harvey Richards & Andrew Helfer}
Rating 3 out of 5

BAD wasn't bad enough to be called good, enough to be called BAD.

The writer, Doug Moench, is great when it comes to sound effects, but the title makes you want more. Just like his book "Book of the Dead," with that awesome title you need an awesome story, or it falls flat. {Link to Review}

Some of BAD I did enjoy, like Batman's (Bruce Wayne's) interaction with the psychiatrist, but there wasn't enough BADassness to give the title of "BAD" to it.  The story over all wasn't as exciting as Prey with Hugo Strange as the psychiatrist that Moench also wrote.  The art was pretty good but no grand splash pages, and the ending was just Meh.

There are more spoilers further below to BAD in red, but there is a second story in this trade paperback called FULL CIRCLE.
{Writer: A J Lieberman, Artist: Greg Scott,Colorist: Lee Loughridge, Letterer: Clem Robins, Editors: Matt Idelson and Nachie Castro }
Rating 1 out of 5
Biggest waste of paper, that I've seen in a long time. Batman shows up on the last page assessing the scene, all the pages before lead up to it... AND it wasn't anything you haven't seen before. It was basically a story of the development of a dull bad guy. I didn't care for the art either. I didn't include it in the overall rating because I feel it would bring the TPB rating too low, even for BAD.

Some SPOILERS for BAD general plot:

Batman comes across a criminal, named Jordy, with a split personality.  He has a good side and a bad side. The bad side generally likes to do really bad stuff, like get even with those around him to a point of killing them. Batman sees a psychiatrist for help in capturing Jordy.  The psychiatrist asks questions that could pertain to him as well as Jordy, since he lives two separate lives, one as Batman and one as Bruce Wayne.  Making Bruce/Batman doubt his own motives and sanity.


  1. it was terrible but a good cover

  2. This is one of those things where the title is offering a clue ... I think Doug had a Batman-Hulk Elseworlds crossover idea that got rejected and tried it anyway.