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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Detective Comics #852 : Part 1 of HUSH Money

RATING: 3.5 out of 5 points: 

This was a cool character development issue of HUSH.  If you like the criminal Hush, this is the issue for you.  If you don't know anything about Hush, this is still a good issue to read.  Dini quickly gives  a refresher on who Hush is in the first couple of pages, and then goes on to show  the despicableness of Hush's character.  This story continues in BATMAN # 685, so... IF you buy this issue you will end up buying that one.

FULL REVIEW: ******SPOILERS of the Story included:
This issue takes place directly after the story line of  Heart of HUSH. Tommy Elliot, HUSH, thinks that he is finished and tries to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge.  A couple of fisherman find him and mistake him for Bruce Wayne.  Thus..he discovers that the everyday man on the street can't tell the difference between him and Bruce. The rest of the issue is of Tommy.... diving into the role of Bruce Wayne so that he can goose Wayne for as much money as he can.  It's important to know that at this point in the continuity, Tommy doesn't know that Bruce is really missing in action, and that is why, he doesn't try to take over at the top,...yet.

This is a great read, but nothing of Batman is actually in it.

This is one Great cover.  Nguyen is fantastic.

To be continued in BATMAN # 685

Part 1 of HUSH Money TPB

Writer Paul Dini
Penciled & Cover: Dustin Nguyen
Inker/colors/letters: Derick Fridolfs/John Kalisz/Jared Fletcher
Publisher: DC Comics

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