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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Batman: Streets of Gotham #4 Part 6 of HUSH Money

RATING: 3 out of 5 points: 
This rating is on the story written by Paul Dini, not on the co-feature in the back of the issues.

 Nothing in this issue is very memorable.  It touches several story lines that Dini is working on in this  series but none of it is necessary to enjoy those other stories.  There isn't even much as as heros in it, just mostly bad guys. 

FULL REVIEW: ******SPOILERS of the Story included:
The main story in the book is about a real estate broker Mr. Fine.  He appropriates various property for clients that plan on doing nefarious deeds.  This is a story on how he turns a blind eye to what his clients do, in order to make a buck.

"Mr." Zsasz makes a appearance in buying a slaughter house for pigs and Great White buys a yacht from the Broker.   The cover of the issue has the typical Zsasz posed on it, but the issue really doesn't represent what Zsasz typically does. Zsasz is wearing the suit and shades from issue #3, and he wants to be called "Mister" Zsasz and has his own set of henchmen following his orders.

Hush only has two pages in which he says how tired he is of being a puppet to the Wayne family by impersonating Bruce Wayne.

Batman/Dick Grasyson and Robin/Damain show up and try to get information from the Broker, but it doesn't look like they got anything from him despite beating him to a pulp, so kinda of a Meh ... ending.

Like the first three issues, Dini is showing the interplay of interaction between the villains on the streets level of Gotham City, and how their actions effect each other.

Issue #4 Business

Writer Paul Dini
Penciled & Cover: Dustin Nguyen
Inker/colors/letters: Derick Fridolfs/John Kalisz/Steve Wands
Publisher: DC Comics

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