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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

BATMAN Vs. The UNDEAD TPB : BATMAN Confidential 44 45 46 47 48 : Review

Writer: Kevin VanHook, Art & Cover: Tom Mandrake, Colors: David Baron, Letters: Steve Wands
Editors Michael Siglain & Harvey Richards
RATING 3.9 out of 5
This storyline is a sequel to Superman & Batman vrs Vampires  & Werewolves TPB (I reviewed S/B vrs V/W and it's listed on the right) and  contains a complete storyline within the issues listed. You don't necessarily need S/B vrs V/W to enjoy it.

This is a enjoyable spooky story, and I like the continued  characters of Dimeter the vampire, and Janko the Werewolf, but be warned, the writer, Kevin VanHook, still has the third person captions that you have to wrap your mind around because we're use to captions being the character's thoughts, but at least this time they (not sure who) gave them a very stylized box to make this stand out. What makes it a little unsatisfying is you don't find out whose voice it is. I would rather for the captions to be pegged to someone, even someone not in the story like by a mysterious figure.

There are plenty of the UNDEAD for Batman, Dimeter, and Janko, to battle.  This story is as good as the first one....with zombies coming out of everywhere from the newly dead to the extremely aged dead, but I think... because the cast of characters are still fighting a mass of monsters (zombies this time)... that it felt a little 'same ol' same ol'',  not as fresh and new as in the S/B vrs V/W, so I couldn't give it as high a rating as before.

Plus there wasn't any new cameos. Superman and Dr Fate are the only other ones to show up to help but they were in  S/B vrs V/W too, and  S/B vrs V/W  was jammed packed with cameos.

The art fits really well with the moody zombie story. The artist, Tom Mandrake, also did S/B vrs V/W.

It's a enjoyable read and I wouldn't mind seeing more of Dimeter and Janko, maybe with some of the rest of the cast of the Bat Family.

BATMAN Vs. The UNDEAD : BATMAN Confidential 44 45 46 47 48
Writer: Kevin VanHook, Art and Cover: Tom Mandrake, Colors: David Baron, Letters: Steve Wands
Editors Michael Siglain & Harvey Richards


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