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Thursday, November 25, 2010

BATMAN: ODYSSEY part 5 out of 12

RATING 3 out of 5:

My first time through the issue, I skipped through the dialogue. The dialogue is just tiring to read. I didn't mind it in the first three issues of the mini, but now it is get... get... getting on my nerves. The only saving grace in the book is that Neal can draw.

My second time through, I did trudge through the dialogue and it just rambles on and on..., it didn't really touch on anything that hasn't been said before in the previous issues. 

This mini seems to be more about showcasing Neal Adams art with every character in the bat verse and not much about the story.  We've had Robin, Riddler, Talia, Man-Bat, Deadman, Aquaman, and now with this issue he has moved onto drawing Joker.
All the cameo characters in this story also seem to know what is going on, and not... telling... Batman/Bruce what is going on, or... at least  letting us, the reader,... know... What the HELL is going on?!!!.

BUT ....I.. do  ... do ... do love love Neal's Batmobiles. They are fast and slick...just the way I like them.  Yes... yes...YES.

There really isn't much to spoil for this issue (or maybe I just skipped it)
I asked my Hubby, "Are we getting the next issue?"
My Hubby said, "What do you mean?...It's Neal Adams, Why wouldn't we be getting it?"
He also still insists that we get JMS' current Superman story too..."What do you mean? It's JMS."
{I hang my head and shrug.}

STORY and ART: Neal Adams, COLOR: Continuity Studios, LETTERS: Ken Lopez, ASSISTANT EDITORS: Jeanelle Siegel & Rachel Gluckstern, EDITORS: Marts and Carlin

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  1. Ehhh, even if this ends up sucking, at least it looks purty.