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Monday, September 13, 2010

BATMAN: ALIENS Part 1-2 TPB Review

Rating 4 out of 5

This was a pretty descent story.  I can see it fitting in the Batman mythology. Batman was strong and intelligent, and full of courage against great odds. The writer was able to show that Batman/Bruce was also afraid but didn't let fear control him.  I've heard other reviewers have problems with the art, but I didn't, so the art did not detracted from the story. The story is nicely contained and complete in two TPB, but... is out of print and you will have to hunt for it.


Batman parachutes into the amazon jungle, the reason is unknown until later in the book. He runs into a US Special Ops team, the reason for them being there isn't clear till the second book.  I'm not gonna spoil the reasons,  finding out is part of the enjoyment of the books.

At first they don't get along. Batman, being a hardass, wanting the Ops team to leave and go home, and vice versa, the Ops team wants Batman to leave, BUT...they decide to pull their resources and travel to their destination together. As the Aliens take their toil on the team, it becomes more a comrade in arms type situation.  Batman is, of course, the smart one in the group.

Batman finds himself in more then one frightful .. face-off... with the Aliens. The Aliens are the same Aliens as from the movie: eggs, face hugger like implantation into host, acid saliva, etc...

I enjoyed the story.
The complaints I saw about art were people who were expecting more from Bernie Wrightson, because they had seen his work before. 
If I've seen his work before I don't remember it, so had no expectations.

BATMAN: ALIENS part 1 & part 2
Writer:Ron Marz
Art: Bernie Wrightson
Colorist: Gregory Wright
Letterer: Sean Konot
Editors:  Bob Schereck & Dennies O'Neil

Publisher: Dark Horse/DC Comics

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