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Sunday, July 25, 2010

ZATANNA #1 #2 #3 Review

RATING 4 out 5 

I love it when a story exceeds my expectations.  Zatanna, by writer Paul Dini wonderful, and I can't wait to get into the next storyline.

I actually didn't know what to expect. I've not read any other Zatanna comic (I'm not sure if there are any), and  what I know of her character... is from her interaction with the rest of the DC universe, specifically Batman and the Justice League.

The first thing I this series, was that Zatanna ..bigger... in certain areas... than I.. remember.  It was like whoa... "Za...Tan ..Na, PUT those away before you put a eye out."

There were some serious[smile]  discussions on forums, pertaining to, if she exceeded the norm, or not.  I had to go to the resident husband.  He confirmed, without biased, that Zatanna has had those... large since she was first introduced.  Lets just face it, some people are just ...jealous... of other people's well drawn... boots.[wink]

Getting pass the discussions on attire ...and onto the story, Paul Dini is a story-telling expert. 

 In the first issue, he does a setup of the characters that surround Zatanna, without being a boring recite.   He gets us emotionally vested in these new characters, from Zatanna's crew on her magic show, to the Detective who is investigating a bizarre crime.  Dini also gives us a truly evil bad guy, called Brother Night. "He wants to expand his crime empire to include the human world."

Having Zatanna on his heals, Brother Blood sends a demon named Fuseli.
Fuseli travels by dream to dream causing each dreamer to have nightmares, using their insecurities against them, until he lands into Zatanna's dreamworld. He is one nasty little meanie.

The third issue is the final showdown between Zatanna and  Brother Night with his underlings, Ronalithi (Transforms victims by touch), Ember(Buns up victims), and Teddy (likes to share his pets). Dini really knows his characters, and the ending is great.

I highly suggest these issues for a fun read.  I love the teasing art, of the sexy sorceress, and  I can't wait to see her in action in the next issue.

Issue 1 title: there's no title shown.
Issue 2 title: Fuseli's Nightmare
Issue 3 title: Night on Devil Mountain
Writer : Paul Dini
Penciller: Stephane Roux
Inker: Karl Story/Stephane Roux
Letterer: Pat Brosseau
Colorist: John Kalisz

Publisher: DC Comics
Jul Aug Sep 2010


Intel from DC website

Zatanna loves Vegas, and Vegas loves her – but should Zee be wary of the attentions of a handsome, well-connected casino owner? She can hold her own against the most ridiculous Royal Flush Gang ever assembled, and she can just about cope with her cousin Zachary's immature antics, but she'd better watch out for the sultry fire demons that are hot on her heels!

Intel from DC website
Zatanna and her cousin Zachary might have their differences – okay, they drive each other crazy – but if they don't stick together, they'll be taken to the cleaners by one of Hell's most powerful demons! He's betting it all on a chance to claim Zatanna's soul, and in Vegas, the house always wins!

Intel from DC website

Zatanna has been taken captive by the demon who intends to steal her soul – and it's up to her playboy gadabout of a cousin, Zach Zatara, to free her!

The TPB is not out till March 2011


  1. If that's Zachary and Zatanna on the cover of issue 5 that's a little odd.. considering he's her cousin and he's going.. you know.. right for her goods.. It doesn't seem like Zatanna half minds it either..

  2. Ah ha h aha hahaha, I didn't think of that when I read these blurbs.

    Zachary is younger then Zatanna, so I don't think that the guy on the cover is Zachary. I think it is one of the Sultry Demons after her soul.